About Us


Leveraging the power of AI and connectivity to deliver CHEAPER, BETTER and FASTER Healthcare.


Cover2Protect.com is a Singapore based technology platform for people with needs around healthcare. (my)aiBUD is an AI driven preventive healthcare solution which is aiming towards decreasing the cost of healthcare by early detection and intervention. Our advanced wearable is able to track the following parameters: ECG, PPG, SpO2, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and daily activity. We have built our machine learning models to train our AI engine (my)aiBUD to understand and learn various medical vitals like ECG , PPG , HR , BP etc in conjugation with various structured and unstructured data around a health of person. We also have built a full digital ecosystem surrounding medical needs of a patient to help him get healthcare FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER.

These ecosystem providers constitutes of Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies , Ambulances and Wellness experts

What’s in it for me?


(my)aiBUD APP (Health, Insurance, Doctor, Labs, Pharmacies and Ambulances)


Health tracking Wearable to track a persons vitals


Healthcare as a Services platform with our verified payer and provider network



We are a bunch of like-minded friends who believe in Technology and more so believe that it has to change lives in a better way. We believe that technology will change every Business and deliver service to each section of society and healthcare is most desired and probably the most needed space waiting to be transformed. We come with a mix bag of experience in the space of Medical , Insurance , AI , Machine learning and most important LOTS of PASSION!


Cover2Protect featured in top progressive wellness companies in Singapore

Cover2Protect made it to the Top 9 and IOT startup awards @ IOTCongress 2018 grand event. Cover2Protect the only healthcare startup in the top list.

Cover2Protect is on the NVIDIA Inception program for AI start-ups

Coverage meets Protection : QuickBima and Cover2Protect partners to disrupt the India Health Insurance landscape