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Goal: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Weight Gain
Ideal For: Adults (Men & Women)

WHEYBILD is an ideal post workout dietary supplement delivering highly concentrated, high quality whey protein (24g protein/ 35 gm serving) with vitamins & minerals to provide optimum body-building potency to gain muscle mass.
Whey contains 24% branched chain amino acids (BCAA) which speeds up recovery after your work-out and creates anabolic state in the body for muscle building
A scoopful of WHEYBILD (35g or 2 ½ tablespoonful) post work out is just what your starving muscles need to record quick quality gain!
Wheybild is also for those on a weight gain diet, looking for protein supplementation
WHEYBILD Contains No added sugar & fats. Is Gluten free. Preservatives free.
Quantity: 2.2 lbs (1KG)
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