(my)aiBUD — your AI buddy for predictive healthcare

Rajat Sharma
Monday, 27 August 2018

Cover2Protect a Singapore based startup launched by a bunch of Indian with a passion to bring India at the helm of technology innovation and use of AI to improve the delivery of healthcare services. With the emergence of bio sensors, remote healthcare devices, and Open API to connect countless systems, the time is ripe to bring in some practical use cases in the preventive healthcare space. Cover2Protect has built an AI driven predictive platform and health wearables for monitoring ECG, PPG, SPO2, BP and HR that combined is used to understand each individual health. It also provides a daily scorecard to accordingly provide customized health feeds around wellness and wellbeing by sending content focussed on diet, Yoga, travel etc. Their aim is to take remote patient monitoring to the next level by bring in more customized health delivery, predictive elements using AI to take the care management out of doctors’ office or hospital and bring it to the consumers’ pockets to access it anywhere, anytime.

As much as 30% of the entire world’s stored data is generated in the health care industry. A single patient typically generates close to 80 megabytes each year in imaging and electronic medical record (EMR) data which is can generate unimaginable insights if clubbed together with other unstructured data around that person. By 2022, manufacturers will be shipping out 430 million Internet of Things devices each year, leaving healthcare providers little time to prepare for a massive influx of potentially valuable big data. Hence, we will see a lot of these start-ups to play a role to crunch these amounts of data and provide valuable insights to both consumers as well as providers. Especially in a context of India, this will play a major role. we have more than 30 million heart patients in India and we see this growing with 200,000 new open-heart surgeries conducted every year. Despite that India looses 1.7million lives every year to heart strokes. This is a massive problem which is looking us right in our face and cover2protect is working towards setting up a platform to manage this problem and also drive wellness along with preventive care.

Cover2protect is also in process of working with various esteemed yoga institutions to provide free of charge content on Yoga and other wellness videos based on need of your health profile as measured by the engine.

Currently Cover2Protect is only integrated with its own device that is also in process of testing in various medical institutions in India and abroad. But they believe that with time the maturity of such devices will improve by leaps and bounce, hence in their next phase they will open up the connectivity to other commercially available devices like Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin etc. Talking to Nishant Gupta — CFO and Head of India operations, we understand that while C2P is looking at the advancement and accuracy of these wearables very closely as and when they feel it reaches level to incorporate it as part of healthcare service and not just gamification. As per Nishant “C2P plans to launch the manufacturing of devices in India once they have enough demand and opportunity to scale up . We are still in our pre-launch phase as we work with our partners in Insurance and Healthcare industries to fine tune the AI engine before we launch the B2C model in India “